Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DIY recycled wine bottle glasses

This is a 2 for one deal! Two glasses one bottle one cut.  How do you do this? bottle cutter, hot water glass sander and Glue.

Great video  on how to cut the bottles.

After you cut the bottles you sand them with a Diamond Hand Pad.

Then to finish the top bottle sand the opening and glue it to a piece of glass or tile. 

diy place card holders

The idea of cute little place card holders has danced in my mind for weeks! I finally started it! 100 painted acorns!
My inspiration

I decided pink with glitter glaze on the tops. I need to paint little doors on the acorns and glue them together. Then on to rock finding and more gluing !

New date new venue

After searching like a mad woman. I found the best location for my budget. An arboretum. This place is beautiful and hopefully it will look amazing for my November 5th wedding. Cost free  (my mother paid for it 300 for 3 day rental) Thanks mom :)