Thursday, November 11, 2010


DIY food is going to be a huge challenge. Thanks to The site is beyond helpful! I actually think this can be done!

Our discussed menu so far.
hors d'oeuvres:
fruit plater with chocolate fountain
Salami, prosciutto, pepperoni and other Italian meats
veggie platter with dip
bread and crackers
shrimp cocktail

Main Course:
Pasta with sauce
Chicken sausage
Green beans
Chicken leg quarters
Salt potatoes and butter

Italian cookies
chocolate covered strawberries

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stepping Stone Charger Plates

I thought it would be super cool to make my wedding favors duel purpose. I was thinking stepping stones. If you can mix ,pour and wait then this project is right up you ally (It is for me!!). I decided to make them out of plaster of pairs its cheap and has a fast dry time. Making it ideal for a person with limited time and molds.   Down sides to using plaster.They are for indoor life and will not last outside for more than a year.

You will need:

Plaster of Paris (aka moulding plaster)
Cooking Spray
A Mold

WARNING: Although plaster is fairly safe to use it can cause chemical burns if left on skin for long periods of time. Use a lubricant always. Use common sense use a mask don't breath in dust. Use gloves and goggles. Don't put your plaster in the oven to speed up will crack and can explode!

Step one
Prepare your mold with cooking spray

Step two
prepare plaster according to directions (some people add white glue to the plaster for extra hardening...I have never tried this)how to make extra strong plaster of paris

Step three
Slowly pour plaster into mold. (Want add extra strength? Fill mold halfway and insert a round piece of mesh chicken wire. Cut the wire just a few centimeters smaller than the mold. Then fill the remaining plaster.

Step four
Wait until your plaster has changed color and has hardened to unmold. It may sill be hot and delicate It is best to wait over night for it to fully cure but not necessary. Don't force your cast out of the mold. Sometimes it is necessary to use a knife around the edges.

Step Five
Paint. This step is optional. If you are painting make sure your piece is fully cured (not hot or warm at all) I plan on using metallic spray paint. You can get as creative as you would like.

To Register Or Not To Register

Some part in me thinks it is incredibly tacky to register for wedding gifts. Another part of me says Sophie what the heck are you thinking! You already have more junk than you can handle. And then there is that tiny naughty part of me that says omg hand me one of those scanner guns now.

Honestly, what I really need is a house. Is it incredibly tacky and rude to ask my guests not to give me gifts? Would they understand that we have two kids and have all the household things we can handle.

At this point Eamon and I have decided not to register. We have one of those cheesy wedding websites. I thought we could set up a PayPal donation for a house fund on the site. I still need to talk to my mother and grandmother about the idea..but, I want a house not towels.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DIY Customized Unity Candle / Favor Candles

Why should I pay $60 for my customized candle that I am going to burn once?  I never knew you could make them your self for under $5. Yes, for real. Two very easy methods to do this one is with tissue paper an a hair dryer the other is with water slide decal paper and spray adhesive. Watch the videos below ...hopefully you will find them as helpful as I did.

Vintage Valentine Place Cards

Weddings are a day to celibate love. Why not give my guests a little love too...not in a dirty way! I, the crafty person I am decided to print out vintage valentines for my guests place cards. I originally was going to write names in the sand at the beach..but decided that it was too much work and the kids kept messing up my names. Eamon agreed that this was a fun approach to the transitional lets face it name tag. 

Candles Candles, And More Candles!

I am a craigslist wedding hunter! If you did not get the memo yet I am just a little crazy about bargains. I found 144 used votives and holders for $25. I bought them for $15. I froze them and cleaned out the wax and now have 144 squeaky clean candle holders :)
Now time to get the candles. So, many people use I can honestly say that this is a complete rip off! $50 shipping WTF? Even with the coupon coed I found the site sucks.

I found a very unexpected site to have amazing prices on candles (no coupon required for amazing deal) I purchased 288 candles for 47.11 shipped. About .16 per candle not too shabby. I decided to sell 72 candles plus holders on craigslist.. I don't need 144 candles. when I am finished I will sell the other 72 with candles and sell the remanding 72 candles without holders. Will I end up making a profit off my wedding? Crazy!

My Wedding Dress Has Arrived!

After 47 emails between the Chinese dress company and me, my dress is finally here! It is better than I expected it to be. I am sure glad I asked for pictures of the finished dress. I had all the problems fixed before it left the factory. They extended the train by 2 times what they originally made. It was very well made and the fabric...although not as heavy as the high end ones at the bridal store was not a major difference and they looked the same. I do need the top fitted just a little more other than that it is perfect.  Heck $200 shipped and I received an extra petticoat..  I am one happy bride :)

The dress before they altered picture taken with out a petticoat. It still looks good to me.